Open Collab

15.–24. April 2022

Open Collab for Ukraine

Open Collab is a platform created to facilitate remote collaboration between creators. Participants respond to a predetermined subject by creating texts or images. Once submitted to the platform individual content is randomatically combined into an endless stream of aleatoric compositions.

The platform gives users the opportunity to connect and enter into dialogue with other creators. The process permits them to see their work from a new perspective and potentially identify collaborators for future projects. Most importantly it is a fun and playful way to learn, develop and apply new skills.

It’s Nice That
Page Magazine
Creative Review
AIGA Eye on Design
ABK Stuttgart
On Process Podcast

Otis College (Emma Kemp)
Parsons (Pascal Glissmann)
Design Manchester
MICA (Ellen Lupton)
Design Indaba
Open Collab Melbourne
Gydient, Open Collab Vietnam

30. Jul. – 1. Aug. 2021


23.–25. July 2021

Typography Plus

24.–30. June 2021

Typographic Session

10.–13. June 2021

Sustainable Futures

(session by Emma Kemp)

12.–16. May 2021

Critical Mass

27. April 2021

Otis Art & Design + Friends

1.–3. April 2021

Beauty in the everyday

11. March 2021

Atlas of Human Impact (Vol 1)

13. February 2021

On Climate Change

26. January 2021

Human Connection

13. January 2021

Hope & Despair

13. November 2020

Go Global, Stay local

7. November 2020

Artificial Intelligence
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A project by:
Max Wohlleber, Jonathan Auch, Patrick Thomas